ARM Diesel Update 8.71 - 8.71

Date: March 16, 2021


ARM Diesel - update 8.71 Requires activation - CR-Tester: Update test plans BOSCH, Denso, Delphi, Siemens (list of nozzles in the "Documentation" section - CP-Tester: Update test plans for pumps BOSCH, Denso, Siemens (activation by serial number is required) - CR-Tester: Adding new test plans Denso, Siemens from a third-party manufacturer (marked “D” in the type designation in the TTN2 column) - CR-Tester: Adding new types of encoding BOSCH (cargo), BOSCH Piezo - CR-Tester: Adding new Denso encoding types. - CR-Tester: Added the ability to correct the BOSCH signal to ensure compatibility with the account of different hydraulic circuits of the stands (passenger cars 0445110 ***) - CR-Tester: Added the ability to encode DENSO injectors using custom test plans - CRip-Tester: Support for 1, 2, 4-channel device modifications. - CRip-Tester: Advanced mode of injector connection cable calibration. - Fixed CR-Tester error: it is possible to stop the test if the signal duration is short. - Changes in the “Connection Hub” settings, support for all types of device connections, installation of USB drivers. - CR testplan editor: the ability to add new custom BOSCH injectors - CR testplan editor: the ability to add and modify custom DENSO testplans for encoding. - UIS-Tester: settings for turning the booster pump on / off, settings for monitoring the protective casing - UIS-Tester: automatic activation / deactivation of the booster pump during testing - UIS-Tester: automated procedure for adjusting built-in and custom test plans, creating a new test plan template. - UIS-Tester: changes in the modes of measuring the encoding timings E1, E3, Daf (for the new modification of E3Coder) - UIS-Tester: new settings for E1, E3, Daf encoder. Daf pressure sensor calibration. - UIS test plan editor: improvements in the BOSCH test plan editor (it is impossible to incorrectly specify the type of injector). - UIS testplan editor: creating and editing test plans Delphi E1, E3, Daf with the ability to encode. -TachoCounter: oil control functions when changing the CAM-BOX cam, air pressure control -TachoCounter: settings for the speed controller, changes in the speed table for CR-Jet (depending on the type of motor 4/6 poles), support for new modifications -CRui-tester: optimization of work in automatic mode. -CRui-tester: optimization of work for the combined CR + CP-pump stand. -CP4-tester: optimization of work for the combined CR test bench. -CP4-tester: optimization of feed pump control, back-up pressure and vacuum, automatic on / off. -CP4-tester: editing the parameters of the booster pumps in user test plans. -FlowMetter: changes in device settings. -CRui-tester, CR-Tester, CRip-Tester, CP4-tester: optimization of work, increasing responsiveness in testplan mode -Improvement in test plan management: saving results, automatic saving of search in results. -The function of activating new modifications of devices CR-tester, CRip-Tester, CP4, UIS-Duo. -Updated the function of changing the logo.

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